Mission Focused

"The elderly are not only to be considered the object of our concern, closeness and service. They themselves have a valuable contribution to make to the Gospel of life. Thanks to the rich treasury of experiences they have acquired throughout the years, the elderly can and must be sources of wisdom and witnesses of hope and love."
~ Pope John Paul II

Our Mission

Columbus Residence is a faith-based organization providing Complex Care and Independent Housing to those living in the Columbus Community. We are called to continue the healing ministry of Jesus and are committed to provide holistic, compassionate care in a multicultural, homelike environment.

Our Vision

To be a home alive with hope, joy, meaning and motivation; entrusted to provide compassionate quality care to the community we serve.

Our Values & Beliefs

In carrying our Mission, we strive to live our values of Spirituality, Justice, Stewardship, Mission Integration and Ethical Reflection.

We believe in treating residents, tenants, staff, family and the general public with honesty, equality, compassion, dignity and respect. We believe in a wellness approach and in using a multi-disciplinary team to provide holistic quality resident care, Our approach includes:

Our Position on Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD)

As a faith-based healthcare organization committed to the inherent dignity of every person, Columbus Residence has an ethical and moral opposition to MAiD. As a publicly-funded facility and knowing there is a range of deeply held societal views on MAiD, we will provide individuals requesting information our policy and other written materials.

While we shall not condone or be involved in MAiD, the organization reaffirms its commitment to providing quality palliative and end-of-life care that addresses physical, psychological and spiritual needs.

We encourage you to ask any questions or discuss any concerns regarding our policy on MAiD with our Director of Care or Director of Spiritual Care.

Family Resource Handbook

To view handbook (pdf) CLICK HERE

More About Us:

Over 25 Years of Caring Service to Residents

Celebrating Our Silver Jubilee!

In October 2015 we celebrated 25 years of service to residents. Our commemorative anniversary booklet is a look back on our history and the people who have made this home so special over the years. To view this booklet (pdf) CLICK HERE