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Contact Us!

Ceilidh enjoys greeting visitors!

For general inquiries please call our main phone number 604.321.4405 during regular office hours (Monday to Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. excluding statutory holidays).

Our fax number is: 604.321.4543.

Our mailing address is: 704 West 69 Avenue, Vancouver, B.C. V6P 2W3.

Staff Directory

To call or leave a message for one of the staff members from the directory below, please call 604.321.4405; if you are prompted by a recorded message, enter the extension number (EXT) of the person you wish to reach.

Send a message to a resident: E-mail or Skype Call

Resident E-mail

With the help of staff, residents are
able to send their own e-mail messages!

Family and friends can send e-mail greetings and messages to a resident living at Columbus Residence. Our Pastoral Care team facilitates this service and they will retrieve, print and deliver any e-mail messages sent to a resident. They will also assist any resident who wishes to send an e-mail message to family or friends.

Place a Skype Call

It is possible for out of town family and friends to place a Skype call to a resident. Some advance planning is needed to arrange for these calls to take place, but our Pastoral Care Associates will help to facilitate these calls. If you are interested in placing a Skype call to a resident, please contact Marisa Ku (Ext 132) in our Pastoral Care Department.