A Donor's Story

"The joy that comes from supporting such a wonderful, loving home."

by Jacquie Julian

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Donor Jacquie Julian (with her mother Vera in 2009)
continues to be a regular donor to Columbus Residence

My darling mother, Vera, lived at Columbus Residence for nearly 8 years. Vera's first choice of residence was Youville, another faith based home where she could live with some of her friends. Her social worker assured Vera that she would be able to transfer from Columbus as soon as a room became available. The wait was only six weeks but by this time Vera had fallen in love with Columbus Residence. She was so grateful for the many kindnesses and care that staff bestowed on her and other residents. Each time we visited, my husband Gordon and I experienced first-hand what Vera had told us regarding the loving care and kindness shown to all of the residents.

A Donor's Story

Jacquie Julian with Society Board Members Joan
Stewart and Anne McElroy at our AGM in June 2012.
Jacquie also supports Columbus Residence as a
member of Columbus LTC Society

We very much believe that supporting Columbus Residence by making contributions, of any amount, is hugely important. Gordon and I belong to the Columbus Long Term Care Society;visit when possible and support special functions; all of which help make a difference in the lives of many seniors.

We encourage all family members and friends to know the joy that comes from supporting such a wonderful, loving home.

A Donor's Story is a feature to our website in which donors share their personal experiences of Columbus Residence and what has motivated them to donate to us. If you are interested in learning more about donating to Columbus Residence or about our ongoing fundraising campaigns, please visit our DONATE page.