A Donor's Story

"I offer this donation to honour the rich and abundant life that I share with my family and friends"

by Yvonne de Troyes

Inspirational Stories

Donor Yvonne de Troyes (with her
mother Johanna) has given the gift of music
to our Special Care residents.

I had the good fortune of growing up in a family with a loving Oma (the name we use for our grandmothers in the Netherlands) and a mother that was inspired daily by music.

When my daughters were born I had a strong desire to train in a new field of work. I chose to study Therapeutic Recreation and was blessed with a rewarding career at Columbus Residence, to serve the Special Care residents.

I found this work to be both humbling, and spiritually fulfilling. Early on in my career I tried to do many creative programs, sometimes with results that made my coworkers and I laugh and cry all at the same time. We laughed at the delightful surprises and we cried at the raw human experiences and the reality of the journey that our residents and their families were on. I was especially intrigued by the profound responses that persons with dementia had to music. Upon reflection, I know that I had already learned about the joys of muisc in my own family and was now being reminded of this with my Columbus Residence family.

When I made the decision to retire, I wanted to offer a gift of thanks to the Special Care residents. I gave much thought to what I would like to have in return for my donation. After some consideration, it became very clear to me that I would like to offer the residents a weekly music program. In return, I could feel that I had carried on the fine traditions and values that I had brought from my own family.

Now, my own dear Mom, Johanna, lives at another care facility where she is living with dementia, brain injury and peripheral vascular disease. She has many challenges and this has been a profound time of learning for she and I. We share the pleasures of music together and are bound together as mother and daughter who share their love for each other and of music.

A Donor's Story

Yvonne de Troyes receives recognition from Board
Chairman Ted Hawthorne for her 20 years of service
as a Recreation Therapist at Columbus Residence.

I offer this donation yearly to honour the rich and abundant life that I share with my family and friends.

I encourage everyone to stop and think of how they can make their community a more loving place to live and to then choose a project to donate to that is very near to their heart.

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