Our Staff: Providing a Caring & Supportive Home

Lourdes & BillColumbus Residence is fortunate to have a very experienced team of staff dedicated to ensuring the highest quality of life for all of our residents.

We select staff who have formal educations in their respective disciplines and who are experienced in providing long-term care. Interdepartmental teamwork, ongoing education and development is an integral part of our approach to care. Our team of staff works together and with individual residents to develop a care plan that guides staff on how best to meet the personal goals of the resident and help the resident attain physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Nursing Support

Nurse AnaOur nursing team is made up of registered nurses (RN), licensed practical nurses (LPN) and care aides. The team is here 24 hours a day to provide quality care to residents. Three nurses (RN & LPN) are on duty during the day and again in the evening and two nurses (RN and LPN) are on duty during the night. Among other duties, the nurse looks after residents’ daily medication and treatment needs. A team of care aides is also on duty throughout the day, evening and night. Care aides are here to assist residents with a variety of their daily living needs such as helping residents to dress and bathe, taking them to and from the dining room and offering assistance at mealtimes.

Recreation & Music Therapy

We have 3 Recreation Therapists on staff offering programing seven days a week. The Recreation Therapist assesses individual resident’s strengths, interests and concerns. Programs are then offered that promote the physical, social, emotional and cognitive well being of the residents. We also have a Music Therapist on contract to provide a variety of specialized music programs to our residents. For more information about our programs see our » PROGRAMS page.

Food Services

Steve & AddisuOur Food Services team is here to provide delicious home-cooked meals to our residents. Our cooks are all formally trained with many years of experience working in a long-term care setting. Dietary aides are also on duty to assist with meal service. Our Dietitian meets with each resident shortly after the resident moves in and assesses individual dietary needs and then monitors to ensure individual nutritional needs are being met. For more information about meals and dining see our » MEALS & DINING page.

Housekeeping, Laundry and Maintenance Services

Sushila & CindyHousekeeping staff are on duty daily and ensure our care home is kept to a high standard of cleanliness. Resident rooms are given individual housekeeping attention at least twice per week. Care aides also help to ensure resident rooms are kept clean and tidy when housekeeping staff are off duty. Residents’ personal “wash and wear” clothing is washed, folded and delivered daily by our laundry staff. Our Maintenance staff ensure that all of our building systems such as plumbing, heating and electrical and the various equipment used, are in good working order at all times. Maintenance staff also attend to various needs in resident rooms such as installing any specialized safety equipment, room repairs or hanging pictures.

Spiritual Care Services

Pastoral TeamOur Spiritual Care team is made up of our Director of Spiritual Care and several dedicated volunteers. Our Spiritual Care team offers spiritual support to all members of our community. For more information about our Spiritual Care department and services see our » SPIRITUAL CARE page.

Administrative Services

HollyOur Front Office staff are available to assist residents, families and visitors with their questions and inquiries, resident mail distribution, guest meal arrangements and comfort fund (resident trust account) deposits and/or small cash withdrawals. In addition our Front Office staff handle our incoming telephone calls and take care of our staff scheduling needs. Our Finance staff will make the arrangements regarding the pre-authorized user fee payments and preparing monthly comfort fund statements. Our department managers are also available to assist residents and families with any questions or concerns. To contact an administrative staff member or one of our department managers see our » CONTACT US page.

Rehabilitation Services

Physio JominWe are able to offer residents the regular services of a Physiotherapist (3 days per week), Occupational Therapist (1 day per week) and Rehabilitative Assistant (5 days per week).   This team is responsible for implementing our fall prevention programs, educating staff on injury and fall prevention, improving residents’ mobility, reducing risk of skin breakdown, and providing adaptive equipment and wheelchair recommendations.  Current Rehab led programs include: daily group exercise class with the option of additional 1:1 rehabilitation sessions after thorough assessment.

Other Services

Our Pharmacist is on contract to provide services to residents of Columbus Residence. A Foot Care Specialist and Oral Hygienist visit regularly and a Massage Therapist provides services as needed. In addition, a Hair Stylist is here weekly to provide Hair Salon services to residents.