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A thoughtful expression of love and support of our residents

Donors play a tremendous role in helping us fulfill our Mission by sponsoring our varied programs and services and by providing funds to enhance the physical comfort and peacefulness of our home.

Thanks to the ongoing support of our donors, we are able to offer specialized programs, services and equipment to help us meet the diverse, complex and increasing needs of our residents. In particular, these gifts help us to preserve our high standard of holistic care by maintaining two core programs:

  • Spiritual Care
  • Music Therapy

These programs are not funded by the annual budget given to us by the Health Authority, therefore we rely on donations to continue these important programs.

Donations also help us to continue programs and events such as our gardening and watercolour painting programs; our bus program and our special events such as Family Night, Light Up for Christ, and our Summer Social.


Your donation can really make a difference

Every donation made to Columbus Residence is a thoughtful expression of love and support of our residents. It is a meaningful contribution to enhancing the quality of life of all of the seniors living in our community.

Columbus Residence is a registered charitable organization and donations are tax deductible. Every dollar of your donation is used for the direct benefit of the residents and for the cause that you select.

Donations of $1,000 or more are recognized on our fundraising plaque or by other means mutually agreed upon by Columbus Residence and the individual or organization.

Donations to Columbus Residence are tax deductible. Canada Helps has recently posted an article on how claiming your chairitable donations can result “in having more money to contribute to society in the long run”: “Four Tax Tips to Help Generous Canadians Do More Good”


E-Transfer Available for Donations

We are pleased to announce that we are now able to offer e-transfers as an option to make donations. Thank you to those of you have been patiently waiting this development. If you have any questions, please contact Holly Martin-Thompson (Ext: 103).

Contact us for more information

To learn more about donating to Columbus Residence or if you would like more information about our current fundraising campaigns, please contact:

Jaime Ascher
604.321.4405  Ext 106

Holly Martin-Thompson
Administrative Coordinator
604.321.4405  Ext 103

Programs funded by your donations:

Spiritual Care

Our Spiritual Care Program is a core service at Columbus Residence. It distinguishes us as a faith-based organization committed to addressing the spiritual aspects of holistic care.

In an effort to meet the growing demand for spiritual care visiting and services and to strengthen our commitment to provide spiritual, sacramental, palliative, and bereavement support we hope to maintain the Spiritual Care services.


Music Therapy

Music TherapyMusic Therapy involves the thoughtful and informed use of music as a tool in addressing each individual’s physical, emotional, cognitive, social and spiritual needs.

Music Therapy provides positive experiences for our residents that include: stimulating memory recall through musical associations, and facilitating relaxation that can promote sleep and decrease pain and anxiety.

Our goal is to maintain this important program at 13 hours per week in order to provide more individual and small group support.

Inspirational Donor Stories

A “Donor’s Story” is a feature to our website in which donors share their personal experiences of Columbus Residence and what has motivated them to donate to us. To view some of our Donor Stories, click on the graphic above. If you would like to share your own donor story, please contact us.